Our Methods

How Do We Provide Our Services Safely and Successfully?

Our group uses state-of-the-art archery equipment including vertical compound bows and crossbows. Modern carbon and aluminum arrows, fitted with a razor sharp broad head tip ensure a clean and ethical harvest. Bow hunting in sensitive areas near HOAs and suburban environments require stealth. To guarantee discretion in our tactics we utilize the safest, TMA compliant, elevated hunting platforms, including hang-on stands, tree saddles, and climbing stands, secured at heights of at least fifteen feet. The fifteen foot height requirement insures that arrows released from the archery bow will be controlled and not errant. All of our members are required to be fastened safely in a full body safety harness when they are off of the ground, preventing injury if mechanical failure of a climbing device does occur. Our group regulations state that members only take high potential, ethical, and accurate shots at deer broadside or quartering-away within 30 yards. Our members retrieve all equipment and leave the area untouched. There is no off-season for our group, we are always inspecting gear, maintaining good physical condition, honing our archery skills, and observing deer habits and population characteristics in/around our project zones. All of these components and the countless hours spent/days/weeks spent in the woods contribute to the successful deer herd management skills our group possesses.

Safety FIRST, Always!

Our highest priority is SAFETY! Our members agree that no whitetail deer is worth injury or death. Our safety and the public’s safety are our major concern. Our members will be held accountable to follow all Maryland Department of Natural Resource (DNR) rules and regulations along with MoCo Whitetail Solutions rules and regulations. The group utilizes safety belts, life lines and haul ropes at all times when ascending and descending trees. This six member group has a history of ZERO DNR/Wildlife violations in any state and ZERO hunting related accidents. Our group group is fully insured by American Hunting Lease Insurance Company.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry

The majority of our harvest will be donated to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry program or families in need. According to FHFH, one deer can provide up to 200 meals.

If you would like a donation please contact us using the Email Us button at the bottom of the page.